Our hall mark

"Scientific Aerospace Architecture" of

former "Institute for the Development

of Scientific Aerospace Designs"

at Delft in Holland got mankind

in the eightees a magnificent

"tornado-aha erlebnis"

with a most tragic educative

"tornado-probe" upon an aircraft!.


Owner: Maurits Ch. van Holtz


Contact: mcvholtz@tornadomirakel.nl



OWTV is going to produce a documentary about the

"Bijlmer-crashes loving tornado madhouse", which

can't even get a scientific "tornado-aha erlebnis"!










Tornado probe monkeys comedy did not help


Our "plane crash shows" could that hardly get through to our community, that ever since October 6th 1981 produced "tornado probes" upon aircrafts, starting by the one near Moerdijk in the Netherlands, remained undisclosed by the press, despite all their interviews with me, and likewise denied and found delusion, with for instance the "Bijlmer-crash" at Amsterdam in 1992 on October 4th or any other capitol as an obvious result, by our courts.









Could we love tornado kamikaze too much?!


All our weird "tornado probe monkeys comedy" could merely make all our problems escalate even worse, while probably triggering the "September 11th tragedy" I so strongly tried to warn for with my poem in the article "The combat of ignorant flying" by Arno Gelder in the Dutch paper Algemeen Dagblad of January 15th in 1988 covering most of page 2. At Joplin in the USA my birthday now can get remembered ever since 2011, and each year more seem to succeed.









Problems with the usage of computers escalated


The computers showed us the many mistakes we made, when we still had to calculate our designs without these. The arrival of the "plane crash films" could for our entertainment deliver us that way even the utmost spectacular plane crash shows, by which a defect could get brought to light in a demonstrative way, to prove for instance the necessity of a by myself newly derived (theoretical) patent, to solve a lack of absorption of the lift by too stiffly hinged wings.

The most interesting approximations of the problem spotted so far!

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